New widgets with receipts

Submitted by Jeff on

Added a couple new widgets that should help in your games. They both have a icon of a list that will give you a better view of the data. The first is the Calc Counter with Receipt, which is another take on the Calculator Counter that keeps track of the entries that you enter and can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the center. You can also enter notes about every entry you put in.

The second is a Scorecard Counter that is designed for Warhammer 40k and the objective based games, but there might be other uses for it. You can enter your objective information and number of game turns in the settings. You can even set the max value of each objectives. Once you have that entered you can use the icon in the widget to update the information by selecting a cell.

Other enhancements are more behind the scenes like some additional information for social media links and some cleanup for SEO things.