This site is for tracking changes to the wherearegames.com web application. When ever there is a feature change or notification about the web application, I plan on putting it on this site.

What is wherearegames.com?

It is a web application that I created to make use of the wherearegames.com domain. The idea behind it is to have a dashboard for games, to be able to track points or stats in a game. I have been using it primarily for Warhammer 40k, but can be used with other games. I have used it to help keep score for other games and seems to work well.

The current application is the first phase of what I want to accomplish with for this application. I do plan to expand beyond just a dashboard. I will continue to develop this to include tournament tracking and other tools for gaming. The dashboard of the site will work offline and can be installed as a PWA.

The application is a learning experience for me, so the development may be slow do to other work that I do.

Use at your own risk