Army List Update

Submitted by Jeff on

I have updated the army list widget to be a bit more useful. I got rid of the drop down list of units, as it didn't allow for showing a list of units very well. Now by default it will list out all of your list in more of a condensed army list, to help pull out what you need for your army. In this list you will also see the points for the individual units as well as the number of models in the unit. If you have any previously stored lists in this app, it will output the list in alphabetical order. If you freshly open a BattleScribe file, it will break down your list into unit types and detachments. To view a unit card, you click/touch the name of the unit you want to see, it will then open the card for that unit. To close that card, you just click/touch the name at the top of the card and it will return you to your army list.

Another update/fix I made to the army list is the costs will now update properly when you change the status of a unit. I have made it so that the Command Points are not affected by the unit statuses. This will give you a more accurate number of points of what is left on the board. This can be useful for some missions.

Next update that I made, was the back button or gesture should be disabled in the dashboard. To get back to the landing page you just click on the title of the page. The reason for this is with the new army list, for me at least, I kept wanting to swipe back to go back to the army list and getting sent back to the landing page or what ever I had previously. Given the way I store statuses it isn't a big deal, but this way I don't need to click to get back.

The last thing I updated in this release is the tracking. I added a locally hosted tracker for site access and clicks on the site for usage tracking. It does store the IP that it came from and how it was accessed. Just to get a better idea on usage of the site, to see if it is worth continuing to develop it.

To enjoy these fun new changes and you have the PWA installed. Just completely close out the application and rerun it. For me that seemed to work well.