More ArmyList Updates

Submitted by Jeff on

I added a couple Web API's to make loading army list files easier. One should work, but only seems to work with one browser on desktop, the other is completely experimental and seems to only be targeting desktop. The first is the Share Target API, which is supposed to be supported on all browsers, but seems to be hit or miss on support. I was able to get it to work with Edge on Windows and worked great. However, Chrome(which is supposed to be the same back end) doesn't seem to register on desktop or mobile. I did try Edge on mobile,but does not seem to register right there either. I am guessing I am missing, but documentation is rather limited or broken. Hoping is it is just timing.

The other is the File Handler API, which is another nice API. However, it is very experimental. It can be used under a Chrome Flag and is supposed to be fully supported in Chrome 102, as of this writing, but on Desktop only. There is no support on mobile, which kind of makes sense since most people don't use files on mobile except with the apps that generate them. Though it would be nice when downloading files on mobile. I really like the way the back end of this API works, it is all on the page and lets you handle everything. Where as the Share Target API, you have to wash it through the Service Working, which is a pain to communicate that back to the page without a server.

I also made some smaller changes to the army list widget. I shrunk the header of the open unit cards by removing the weapons list from the header. I also shrunk the width, as there was some mobile users, that seem to have some descriptions that were cut off. Which I hope it fixed it, works great in a simulator of the mobile device, but so did the previous settings. I also added a tip to the load file dialog bock, to suggest where to find files. As some users I have talked to had issues on where to get files.