Update - 2022-06-27

Submitted by Jeff on

This month I made a few changes with the help of the local gaming group. There was some cosmetic changes that makes the usability a bit better. The Share Target API should make it easier for newer users to load BattleScribe files.

- File Handler API. This only works for desktop operating systems(OS) because of limitations of the browsers. It basically tells the OS to allow the WhereAreGames PWA to be a File Handler for .ros and rosz files.

- Share Target API. This will allow you to use the share feature of BattleScribe to share a BattleScribe file with an installed WhereAreGames PWA.

- Split the menu into site functions and informational. In the other I moved the Create Ticket link and added a couple more items.

- Ability to view the "Welcome"/Documentation screen even when you have a desktop built. Located in the informational menu.

- About view, that will display some versioning information for those that are curious and for me to see if things line up or not. Also located in the informational menu.

These should be available to people. I did run into an issue with the new menu not being where it is supposed to be. After a reload and waiting a day the new CSS file loads and seems to show properly. For some reason Chrome likes to reuse the old cached files in the new cache. So please be patient.