It is a start...

Submitted by Jeff on

Well it isn't what I had in mind from the first post about 7 years ago, but might be more useful. What I have currently is a dash board for gamers. I have primarily used it for Warhammer 40k, but can be used by other games. The dash board will currently work offline so you only need to access the dashboard once and be able to use it in a store with no internet connection. Eventually I will be adding some features that will require an internet connection, but that will be the next feature.

The interface has counters, timer, and army list viewer.

  • Counters - There is simple increment/decrement by 1  counter and a calculate counter that can increment or decrement by a value. There are some preset counters for playing Warhammer 40k, but can be used in other games.
  • Timer - There is a count down timer that you can set a time when you need the game done and it will tell you how much time you have left.
  • Army List Viewer - It will display your army list with a card like view. The widget will load BattleScribe files and convert them into the view. It seems to help find units you need information on easier.