Phase one complete

Submitted by Jeff on

You are now able to connect to other players that you are playing with and share the widgets you have on your screen. The reason for this feature is so individual players can update their own scores and you don't need to share a device. Considering the current situation we are in, the second reason is nice. Shared widgets may shown in two ways, one is along side the widgets you have selected. You will not be able to move the other player's widgets around, but you can still arrange your own. The other way is if your dashboard is full or would be filled with the other player's widgets, the other player's widgets will be put into their own tabs. To share your widgets when you initiate a connection you will see a 3 character code that you share with the other players to complete the connection. Also when go to disconnect and all the game data you provided will be removed. This is the only online required feature currently. 

In order to get the remote connect feature to work, I needed to reorganize the front end code a lot. Which is what took most of the time. While I was reorganizing, I also made a change in the number of counters you can have on your screen at a time. Now the max is 12 with a list, more if you don't have a list. This should be good for when you share with multiple players or need a lot of counters. With these changes I also made some changes that may have reset your dashboard. I did a lot of testing so this shouldn't happen, but there is always that one case. With any luck this is the only time this should happen. 

As the title says this is the completion of phase one of this site. Not to say there will not be more improvements to the dashboard, but as it sets this is the basics I need to work on another phase. There is still some more refactoring that needs to happen, as I learned a lot doing this update. Which will give me an opportunity to add some other much needed features and get some fine tuning done.