Dark Mode and Wake Lock

Submitted by Jeff on

Added a dark mode and a wake lock to the list of features to this application. So now if your system is set to dark mode or have it set in your browser, it will now show in a dark view. A feature that is pretty much only supported on Chrome-based browsers, wake lock will allow the device stay active while the page has focus and the battery life is good.

Unfortunately, I needed to add a cookie popup and some policies to the application. Hopefully these will put some peoples minds at ease when using the application. They will be updated as needed or as I add features, I will be posting on here when there is an update.

On the more internal side, I refactored many of the components to have a shared base and broke up some others to be simplified. It was an attempt to shrink the files, but didn't seem to help much. However, it did make things a bit easier to update and test.