WhereAreGames Blog

Update 2023-12-23

Submitted by Jeff on
  • Moved keywords for weapons to below the stats. As there didn't seem to be much room with the addition of the weapon counts.
  • The cards should now fill the widget as it should
  • Some other back end changes

Update 2023-12-15

Submitted by Jeff on
  • Added Support for .registry/.regiztry files from Rosterizer to be loaded and viewed. 
  • Increase the font sizes for counters and Army lists
  • Added a weapons count to the weapons profiles
  • Added Triple progressive and Triple Progress End Game to Scorecard
  • Added removal for objectives in Scorecard
  • Fixed multiple rule and equipment for most profiles. 
  • Fixed EP information for Kill Team army lists
  • Fixed Kill Team profile orders for the units profile on top

Update 2023-08-22

Submitted by Jeff on

Known Issue:

The file load for Chrome seems to be broken. Also the .zip files do not seem to want to share with the app. Was able to load the files using Firefox with out issues. Will Update when I have more. 

Update 2023-07-29

Submitted by Jeff on
  • Updated file loader to handle NewRecuit rosz.zip extension
  • Added rosz.zip to the file handle configuration
  • Added rosz.zip to the share target configuration
  • Tested with NewRecuit files and BattleScribe files.

Update 2023-03-20

Submitted by Jeff on

Added a QR Code to share the link to the site. Just click into the information menu and Share Link and it will open a dialog box with the QR Code in it. Then someone can scan the code and it will take you the the WhereAreGames main page.

Update 2023-02-14

Submitted by Jeff on

Thanks to some input I made a change to the dashboard layout.

Before all landscape views would move the counter widgets to the left of the army list widget. This shrunk the army list widget to the point of not usable. 

Now only screens larger than 500px will have the counter widgets move to the side in landscape mode. Any other time they will remain at the top of the screen. 

Update 2023-02-12

Submitted by Jeff on

Fixed the Command Points information at the top of the Army List widget. It should now show the correct value for the loaded list. 

Made some style changes to the modals. For larger modals they are now scroll-able, before they ran off the screen with no way to access them. The form elements are also a bit smaller on small screens.

I also shrank the minimum with of the app to be able to handle smaller screens, with less scrolling. 

Update 2023-01-16

Submitted by Jeff on

Fixed some issues with the army list. With this last update with BattleScribe it seemed to have broke a few unit views. Here is a list of fixes:

  • An ability profile with a unit profile was given a unit two equipment listings.
  • Extra unit stats. There seems to be a shared group stat and the individual model stats were missing. Changed it so that the primary stat is gone and the others are filled in.
  • Duplicate equipment lists on the main army list view. Now it only lists one of the equipment names instead of multiple.


Update - 2022-06-27

Submitted by Jeff on

This month I made a few changes with the help of the local gaming group. There was some cosmetic changes that makes the usability a bit better. The Share Target API should make it easier for newer users to load BattleScribe files.

- File Handler API. This only works for desktop operating systems(OS) because of limitations of the browsers. It basically tells the OS to allow the WhereAreGames PWA to be a File Handler for .ros and rosz files.